What are Kinetic Creatures?


Kinetic Creatures are a set of three walking cardboard animal sculptures. The Creatures, Elly the Elephant, Rory the Rhino, and Geno the Giraffe, are each made up of cardboard pieces that you assemble using tabs-and-slots. By turning the wire handle, you make the creatures come alive with a simple mechanical motion.

How big are they?

Bigger than a bread box.  Here are the dimensions:

Elly the Elephant is 11.5" tall x 15" long

Rory the Rhino is 9.5" tall x 15.5" long

Geno the Giraffe is 21.5" tall x 18" long

Can they walk on their own?

Why yes, they can!  All the kits come with a wire turn handle for manual power, but adding a Kinetic Creature Motor Kit allows the animals to walk on their own with a small electric motor and laser-cut wooden gears. The creature’s can also be powered by Lego motors!